Bossy cat

Cats cannot be told what to do. Period. They’re strongly independent, and although they love us, (sometimes), they also need their own space too. They do things in their own time, and in their own way, and at their own leisurely pace.


We just have to deal with the fact that cats like to think they’re the boss of us. Actually, let’s face it, they ARE the boss of us. We can definitely deal with that though. We wouldn’t want to disagree with a cat down a dark alleyway, that’s for sure.

Magical cat

Majestic is certainly one way to describe cats. Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise us if it turns out cats are magical. Their deep beautiful eyes hold many secrets, and what other animal has nine lives and always lands on their feet?


They’ve got that mystical aura about them, haven’t they? Now for the all-important question… if cats were sorted into a Hogwarts house, what would it be? Well, we don’t even have to think about that one… no doubt, Slytherin.

Ignorant cat

Any pet owner knows how special a bond between you and your animal can get – but how much better would it be if they could use mobile phones and text us all day while we were out of the house? Dogs would certainly be double texters.


You’d get an endless string of messages like, “WHEN ARE YOU HOME? I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’M SO EXCITED FOR WHEN YOU’RE BACK. HURRY UP!” But with cats… simply no reply. They’d never accept your friend request, either.

Rude kitty

We’ve all seen those hilarious montage videos of cats slyly pushing things off the tables – why do they do it? It’s like they do it just because they know it annoys us and causes great inconvenience to our lives.


However, as much as it’s frustrating when we have to clean up the mess, we still love them for it. Seriously, what is it about cats that make us love to hate them? Or hate to love them? Either way around works just fine, to be honest.


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