25 Hilarious vet signs that every cat lover will understand

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Hilarious vet signs that every cat lover will understand


Whether you love them or loathe them, there’s no denying how much comedy cats bring to all of our lives. Funny cat memes have dominated social media for years, so if even if you’re not a fan of our furry feline friends, you’re still likely to have laughed along at their strange ways…

Cat in the box

They say that cats like confined spaces – you often see a cat squeeze themselves in a box to sit on the lookout waiting to pounce. So does that mean they love chilling inside a bag? Does that mean they’re happy to be carried around in a handbag like a chihuahua?


Well, if you’ve ever tried putting a cat into a bag, you’ll know the answer to that… absolutely not.

Off the rails cat

Have you ever seen a cat high on catnip? It’s truly a fascinating watch. Apparently, there’s a chemical substance in the plant – scientifically known as Nepeta Cataria – that works as an active ingredient for cats only.


Some say it causes psychological hallucinations, which certainly explains their odd behavior once they’ve eaten or sniffed it. So technically speaking, can cats develop a problem with catnip? Do we need to start sending some cats to kitty rehab?

Clown cat

This vet clinic certainly likes a cat pun, and we have to admire their attempts – they’ve certainly pulled the cat out of the bag. Purrhaps they were feline extra funny this day? Let’s just hope they weren’t copycats by stealing another vet’s jokes!


Well, by the looks of these photos, it’s certainly a pawsability! Sorry if you think these puns are apawling, but we purrsonally think they’re hissterical. Okay, we’re done. No more puns from us here on out.

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