Despite aging and illness, this dog has not forgotten his breeder at the last moment of his life

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When Hannah was 13, she bought a dog to raise
But Hannah did not expect this dog to be her best friend
She was feeding him with her hand and playing with him daily. She was her best friend for seven years


Until Hannah was 21
Hannah decided to join the army
For basic training in Oklahoma
Hannah suffered a lot because she left her best friend in her life
The time passed so heavy as she waited for her birthday time to meet her best friend
She did not believe Hannah that the dog, despite old age and sickness, never forgot her
When the dog saw Hannah, he rushed to give her the best welcome, despite his illness, crying as if he told her not to leave me again.

Despite watching many of the reunions between animals and humans, this video is very exceptional because it carries the message of loyalty dogs to humans

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