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The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

10 Lamborghini Murciélago

The next beauty is no other than the Murciélago with its tasteful design for which we can thank the Belgian designer Luc Donckerwolke, who achieved great success with it. Each of this warrior costs around USD 400,000. The body of this model is a two door and two seats coupé. The car accelerates to 60 mph in about 3.8 seconds and the maximum speed you can reach is officially 206 mph.

Surprise! Hamilton movie to drop in July on Disney+


Lin-Manuel Miranda and Disney have a quarantine surprise this week: That Hamilton movie is now dropping more than a year earlier than expected and it's skipping theaters for a premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform this summer.

The film is pegged as a "live-capture" recording of the original cast of Broadway's Hamilton, shot at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City in June 2016. It was all set to hit theaters on Oct. 15, 2021. Now, "in light of the extraordinary challenges facing our world," Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger announced it will arrive on Disney+ starting July 3 of this year.

Miranda, who created the decade-defining stage production, teased something like this might happen on a recent appearance of Live with Kelly and Ryan. "We're putting the finishing touches on that, so we can all watch it together," he said at the time. "It'll be sooner rather than later."

On Tuesday morning, he joined Iger over video chat to spread the word on Good Morning America and sing the praises of Thomas Kail, who directed both the stage and cinematic versions of Hamilton. "He's basically given everyone at home the best seat in the house," Miranda said. "It's a thrilling experience. He really threads the needle between these cinematic close-ups and widening out and seeing the show from the center aisle of the Richard Rodgers Theatre."

"In these times, to tell a story of people uniting together against forces of adversity I think is quite relevant and also quite important," Iger added.

Good Morning America

JUST IN: @RobertIger and @Lin_Manuel Miranda announce the filmed version of “Hamilton” coming to @DisneyPlus July 3rd! 

1:22 PM - May 12, 2020
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The film will feature original performances by Miranda as the titular lead, as well as Daveed Diggs, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom, Jr., Christopher Jackson, Jonathan Groff, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Okieriete Onaodowan, and Anthony Ramos. Miranda also executive produced the film with Kail and Jeffrey Seller.

Artemis Fowl was the first Disney film to skip a theatrical run in favor of a Disney+ premiere, but Iger had teased in an interview with Barron's that more movies could and would follow suit. "In terms of movies going ahead after Artemis, there may be a few more that we end up putting directly onto Disney+, but for the most part a lot of the big tentpole Disney films, we’ll simply wait for slots,” he said at the time. “In some cases we’ve announced new ones already, but later on in the calendar.” Hamilton, it would seem, won't be the last.

Gunmen attack Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan

KABUL — Gunmen stormed a hospital in the west of Kabul on Tuesday, killing two newborn babies and at least 11 other people while triggering a battle with security forces, Afghanistan's Interior Ministry said.

Another 15 were injured in the attack, officials said.

Afghan special forces wrested control of the hospital, which includes a busy maternity section, away from the militants after killing at least three attackers, Interior Ministry spokesperson Tariq Arian said in a statement. At least 100 people, including mothers, nurses and foreign aid workers, were evacuated from the hospital, officials said.

Several doctors had leapt to an adjacent building after at least three attackers wearing police uniforms entered, throwing grenades and shooting, government officials said.

Pompeo arrives in Afghanistan to salvage US peace deal with Taliban MARCH 23, 202000:28

The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack. The militants have been behind a number of attacks even as the United States tried to usher in Taliban-government peace talks after signing a troop withdrawal agreement in February.

The U.S. Charge d'Affaires to Afghanistan, Ross Wilson, deplored the "barbaric attack" and condemned targeting those already suffering and unable to defend themselves.

"Hospitals are centers of compassion," he wrote on Twitter.

The Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital, a 100-bed government-run facility, is supported by the international humanitarian organization "Doctors Without Borders" also known by its French name Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

The international aid organization runs a maternity clinic at the hospital, a spokeswoman for Doctors Without Borders told NBC News.

"We are aware of the on-going attack on the MSF-supported Dasht-e-Barchi hospital in Kabul. The Afghan Special Forces are at the scene. For now, our priority is the safety of our patients and staff," a spokeswoman said by email.

According to the charity's website it runs a "busy maternity service" at the public hospital, in "one of the poorest neighborhoods in Afghanistan’s capital." Cases include complications around childbirth such as postpartum hemorrhage, pre-eclampsia, and placental abruption.

The neighborhood is home to many members of Afghanistan's Hazara community, a mostly Shiite Muslim minority that has been attacked by the Islamic State group in the past.

Meanwhile, a separate grim killing was also unfolding in Jalalabad Province, east of the capital where at least 24 people were killed and 68 injured during an explosion at a funeral ceremony of a police commander in Nangarhar, Attaullah Khogyani a provincial spokesman, said in a written statement.

Two provincial Council members were among those killed in the attack, which the Taliban has also denied involvement in.
Smokes rises from a hospital gunmen attacked in Kabul.Rahmat Gul / AP

A spate of bloody attacks has taken place in the capital in recent months claimed by the Islamic State group, which first appeared in eastern Afghanistan around 2014 and battle the Taliban as well as government and foreign forces.

On Monday, security forces said they had arrested three senior Islamic State members including a regional leader.

Last week, security forces killed and arrested several members of an Islamic State cell that authorities said were responsible for several high-profile attacks in Kabul including one on a Sikh temple in March, that killed 25 people.

Roadside blasts in the capital on Monday, which wounded four civilians, were also claimed by the group.

The Taliban have said they are holding back from attacking urban centers and their operations are aimed at government security forces.

The U.S. military is in the midst of a drawdown in Afghanistan. In early March it began decreasing its total footprint from more than 12,000 to 8,600 over 135 days.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a weak public health system. President Donald Trump is also concerned that U.S. troops in Afghanistan could be vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak there, officials told NBC News last month.

Trump, who campaigned in 2016 with a promise to end wars like the one in Afghanistan, has frequently expressed frustration with progress there since his early days in office. In March he dispatched Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Kabul to deliver a harsh message in hopes of salvaging a peace deal to ultimately end the war in Afghanistan.

No burglaries were reported in neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was killed, contradicting suspects’ claim: report

Gregory McMichael (left), and his son Travis McMichael were arrested on Thursday.(Glynn County Detention Center)

An explanation for the Ahmaud Arbery killing became shakier on Friday.

The two Georgia men who were caught on video shooting the unarmed jogger to death in February claim they were chasing a suspect behind a series of burglaries in the area. But a local police official said the last break-in the neighborhood was reported nearly two months before the shooting.

The last known burglary in the neighborhood happened on Jan. 1, more than seven weeks before the Feb. 23 incident that ended Arbery’s life at the age of 25, Glynn County Police Lt. Cheri Bashlor told CNN on Friday.

People react during a rally to protest the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man, Friday, May 8, in Brunswick Ga. (John Bazemore/AP)

The New Year Day’s police report states that a 9-mm. pistol was stolen from an unlocked truck outside the home of Gregory and Travis McMichael, the father and son who on Thursday were charged with murder.

A disturbing video that surfaced online this week shows Arbery jogging on a rural road in Satilla Shores, a small community outside Brunswick, when two men who appeared to be following him confront and fatally shoot him for no apparent reason.

The killing and the two-month wait for an arrest have rattled the community and led to accusations of racial profiling against the two white suspects. Arbery, a black man who would have turned 26 on Friday, was known to the area and would sometimes wave to his neighbors, according to his family.

This image from video posted on Twitter Tuesday, May 5, purports to show Ahmaud Arbery stumbling and falling to the ground after being shot as Travis McMichael stands by holding a shotgun in a neighborhood outside Brunswick, Ga., on Feb. 23. (AP)

“I just want justice for my son,” the victim’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr., told CNN. “I just want them to pay the price for the crime they did.”

The grieving father compared the incident to modern-day lynching.

“Any time you pursue a young man, go jump in a truck with shotguns and a pistol ... and you follow him and slaughter him like that, that’s lynching,” he said.

A man believed to be Gregory McMichael called 911 seconds before the shooting to report “a black male running down the street,” audio recordings show. But the caller never described what kind of crime was allegedly being committed.

A second 911 audio recording from minutes earlier shows another caller complaining about a black man he claimed was at a house under construction.
Gallery Closed

A timeline of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder and the aftermath

“OK. That’s fine. I’ll get them out there,” the dispatcher said, referring to the cops. “I just need to know what he was doing wrong. Was he just on the premises and not supposed to be?”

The caller’s reply was not clearly audible and there was no mention of a specific crime, but he said the man had previously been “caught on camera” in the area and that the situation was an ongoing problem.

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The Most Expensive Dogs in the World


The Bulldog, or Enligh/British Bulldog is a muscular, medium sized-breed with a distinctive hefty face and a pushed in nose. The Bulldog is kind of a national symbol to many British symbolizing determination and pluck. The Bulldogs are kind, courageous and resolute dogs with patient nature. Due to overbreeding Bulldogs tend to have cardiac problems and also cancer. Their lifespan is estimated to 6 years and 3 months. The average price of a bulldog puppy is about $1,500.

Spinone Italiano


An Italian dog breed the Spinone Italiano is a widely spread and versatile gun dog who still masters that purpose. It is a loyal and friendly breed whos history goes back to 500 BC. The Spinone Italiano is traditionalyy used for hunting and retrieveng games, but nowadays it’s also a perfect company dog. The furcoat of these dogs are very versatile, many variation are accepted as purebreeds. The height at withers is 60 to 70cm and the weight range is between 34 to 39kg. The average price of a Spinone Italiano puppy is about $1,750.


Neopolitan Mastiff

One of the oldest breeds on the world, the Neopolitan Mastiff or the “Mastino” is probably the best choice if you want a guard dog, or want your house protected. Due to their large and intimidating presence and appearance, paired with their protective instinct toward their families, noone will enter your home uninvited while these dogs are watching. The size of the Mastiff should measure 66-79cm at the withers with and weigh up to 70 kg. The average price of a purebreed Neo Mastiff can go up to $1,750.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff is a highly valued companion dog used for guarding and hunting. The Cane Corso is a large Italian dog closely related to the Neopolitan Mastiff, but it’s more muscular and less bulky. The standard expects ideal dogs to stand 58–70 cm at the withers, with females in the lower range 58–66 cm and males in the higher 62–70 cm. The weigh of the dogs should be kept strictly under 50kg. The Cane Corso is not recommended for novice dog trainers. It requires strong leadership and early and consistent training through the years. The average puppy price is $1,750.

credit :luxxory

3 Ways to Solve Digestive Problems With Small Dogs

3 Ways to Solve Digestive Problems With Small Dogs

Digestive problems in small dogs can range from soft feces to diarrhea, vomiting, and flatulence. Because of a their smaller size, these dogs sometimes lack the robust constitution of bigger canines. It's important to be vigilant and address any problems early, rather than risk your small dog becoming seriously ill.


Identifying Digestive Problems in Your Small Dog

Be intimately acquainted with your small dog's regular toileting habits. A healthy digestive system produces a formed stool which can be picked up. Dogs usually move their bowel after eating, so if your dog is fed twice a day, their natural tendency is to toilet twice a day - although individual variation occurs and if it is normal for your dog to go once or three times a day, then that's fine.

Be vigilant about what they are producing. If you let the dog out into the yard and for days on end never check what they've produced, this can mean you miss the early stages of a digestive upset. Do a daily poop patrol so that you are aware of changes in consistency and color, and know if blood or mucus is present.

Monitor your dog for vomiting. If the dog vomits, take note of the color and consistency. An occasional barf is nothing to be concerned about, but if the dog seems unwell and vomits, he repeatedly retches and doesn't bring anything up (a sign of bloat) or vomits repeatedly over the course of a few hours, then you should seek veterinary attention. In the meantime, whilst you are waiting for the appointment, take his food away but leave water down. It is best to rest the dog's stomach.

Know the signs of digestive problems. Indications that your dog may have a digestive problem include its feces becoming runny or liquid, the presence of blood or mucus in the feces, repeated straining to move his bowel, and increased frequency of passing a motion. If necessary, take a photo of your dog's abnormal bowel movement as it is helpful for your veterinarian to see the consistency for himself.


Treating Mild Digestive Problems at Home

Assess whether your dog's digestive issues are serious. A "well" dog with a funny tummy can usually be treated at home. If your small dog has a disturbed digestion but is perky and asking to eat, then you can try to solve the problem before calling the vet.
If the problem persists beyond 24 hours, or the dog deteriorates and becomes unwell, then reassess the situation and call the vet.

Remove food for 24 hours, but leave water down. Check the dog is drinking (the water level goes down in the bowl if you don't actually catch him in the act of drinking), which helps him avoid dehydration. If the dog has diarrhea (liquid stools) and refuses to drink, there is a risk of dehydration so phone the vet for advice.

Introduce a bland diet after 24 hours of starvation. Feed an easy to digest food that is easy on the stomach and easier for the bowel to digest. A common home prepared diet is chicken and rice. The ratio of rice to chicken is 2 to 1, which means you give 2 cups of rice to every one cup of cooked chicken.
Feed little and often, so four small meals should be spaced over the day.
Alternatively, you can source prescription foods that are designed to ease stomach upsets, from your vet. These include Hills ID, and Purina EN.

Feed a bland diet until the dog's stools have firmed up. Be aware the volume of stool will be smaller than usual, as so much of the food is digested. Once your dog has produced formed stool for 1 - 2 days, then gradually transition back onto a regular diet.
To do this start by adding in a small amount of the regular food. For example, on switch-over day one, give your dog ¾ chicken and rice with ¼ normal diet. On day two your dog gets ½ and ½, on day three it gets ¼ chicken and rice with ¾ regular food, and then fully onto your dog's normal diet on the fourth day.

Consider asking your vet for a probiotic suitable for dogs, such as Fortiflora. Sometimes when a dog has an upset stomach it loses the bacteria that aids digestion and gets an overgrowth of bacteria that interferes with digestion. Your dog could need a course of antibiotic to correct the imbalance, but it might be corrected by a course of doggy probiotic. 
Fortiflora is a powder and comes in sachets. You mix one sachet a day for 5 days with the dogs food. You should see an improvement within this time frame if the problem is due to an bacterial imbalance.
Human probiotics contain different bacteria to those found in the dog gut and are unlikely to be helpful.

Consider trying a hypoallergenic diet. This is a diet that consists of one protein source (a meat) and one carbohydrate (potato, pea, or rice) that the dog has never eaten before. This diet is fed exclusively (nothing other than this) for 8 - 12 weeks. The idea behind this diet is that any allergens or ingredients the dog was intolerant to pass out of the system, and the new protein and carbohydrate do not trigger the same response. It can take around 8 weeks for the inflammation caused by a dietary allergy or intolerance to settle down, so this won't be a quick fix.
At the end of this time the dog should have a normal stool, have a glossy coat, and regained lost weight.
If the dog's bowel movement still doesn't improve then dietary allergy is less likely. At this stage he or she really must see a vet.

Know what not to feed your dog. Do not feed your dog people food. It's especially important not to feed your dog fried foods, grapes or raisins and their products, dates or dried fruits, olives or their oils, chocolate, and tropical fruits or their oils unless the vet gives the OK. Also avoid wheat, gluten, and soy ingredients if you can; these can cause digestive issues in sensitive canines.


Consulting a Veterinarian About Digestive Problems

Decide if your dog's digestive problems are bad enough to warrant a visit to it's vet. If your small dog lacks energy, refuses to eat, passes blood-stained stools, or has a poor appetite and is losing weight, then he or she should see a vet. These could be signs of a severe medical issue.
If the problem is long term, lasting for several days or weeks, and your dog is fed a regular dog food (and you are unable to get to a vet) consider changing his diet. Some dogs have a dietary intolerance and cannot properly digest some of the ingredients in their food.

Take along a fecal sample to the consultation. Your vet may want to send it away for analysis and culture to see if any parasites or gut infections are present. This can then point to a specific course of treatment, such as fenbendazole for coccidial infections, or antibiotics for giardia or campylobacter.

Follow any directions for treatment your vet gives. There are a variety of possible diagnoses your vet may give and all of these will have specific treatments. Along with the fecal sample, your vet may take a blood sample to test for common health problems that lead to problems with digestion.
Digestive problems in small dogs can be caused by EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). This is a lack of the digestive enzymes necessary to digest fat, and can lead to cow-pat like, rancid stools. You vet can diagnose this using a blood test and the treatment is a pancreatic enzyme replacement powder sprinkled on your dog's food.
Another common issue is low levels of B vitamin in the bowel wall. B vitamins are vital to good appetite and healthy digestion and sometimes the levels do fall. Again, this is diagnosed with a blood test. The B vitamin needs to be boosted up by four, weekly injections. Unfortunately, oral supplements are less effective because the stomach acid is likely to destroy them

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20+ Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Cats Have Their Own Special Logic

20+ Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Cats Have Their Own Special Logic

You may not a cat person, but there’s one thing you probably know for sure: cats are independent, comical, and sometimes, illogical creatures. These fluffy jerks have their own strange and special logic that no one can make sense of. Therefore, we often wish we could get inside of their heads to find out their thought process.

We are crazy about cats and their waywardness, so we decided to gather several photos that show the strangeness of cat logic. Although we can’t find the reasons why our furry home babies suddenly do crazy and weird things, we have to admit that most of their actions are so cute and funny. Scroll down to enjoy!
1. “This cannot be comfortable.”

2. Cats can see the world from a totally different angle.

3. “Gave my boy catnip for the first time last night. He ended up passed out in a Taco Bell bag. Couldn’t be more proud.”

4. “Thanks for ruining my breakfast.”

5. “For the past week, he’s been delivering bread to my doorstep every morning. I don’t know where it comes from. If I do not promptly praise him and acknowledge the bread, he cries. This is the look he gave me when I tried to talk to him about what is going on.

6. “Ulthar has started to lick the walls, no idea why…”

7. This is not just a fridge photo.

8. “These are my dogs’ bowls, but my cat prefers to drink water from anywhere but her own bowl.”

9. “My cat was missing for several hours until I got a call from my neighbor.”

10. “He meows really loud and then he goes and hides here for 20 minutes. He thinks he’s hidden.”

credit : pawsplanet

25 Hilarious vet signs that every cat lover will understand

Hilarious vet signs that every cat lover will understand


Whether you love them or loathe them, there’s no denying how much comedy cats bring to all of our lives. Funny cat memes have dominated social media for years, so if even if you’re not a fan of our furry feline friends, you’re still likely to have laughed along at their strange ways…

Cat in the box

They say that cats like confined spaces – you often see a cat squeeze themselves in a box to sit on the lookout waiting to pounce. So does that mean they love chilling inside a bag? Does that mean they’re happy to be carried around in a handbag like a chihuahua?


Well, if you’ve ever tried putting a cat into a bag, you’ll know the answer to that… absolutely not.

Off the rails cat

Have you ever seen a cat high on catnip? It’s truly a fascinating watch. Apparently, there’s a chemical substance in the plant – scientifically known as Nepeta Cataria – that works as an active ingredient for cats only.


Some say it causes psychological hallucinations, which certainly explains their odd behavior once they’ve eaten or sniffed it. So technically speaking, can cats develop a problem with catnip? Do we need to start sending some cats to kitty rehab?

Clown cat

This vet clinic certainly likes a cat pun, and we have to admire their attempts – they’ve certainly pulled the cat out of the bag. Purrhaps they were feline extra funny this day? Let’s just hope they weren’t copycats by stealing another vet’s jokes!


Well, by the looks of these photos, it’s certainly a pawsability! Sorry if you think these puns are apawling, but we purrsonally think they’re hissterical. Okay, we’re done. No more puns from us here on out.